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Welcome to the Unsworth Law website. We make every effort to assist people in the Essex Junction and Burlington, Vermont areas who are interested in elder law and estate planning services.

Every responsible adult should prepare for the eventualities of aging. You also want to make sure that you leave behind a suitable financial legacy. There is no one-size-fits-all plan, so personalized attention is key.

Feel free to browse our site if you are looking for information about estate planning and elder law. You can also contact us directly if you would like to set up a free consultation.

Estate Planning Services

When you plan your estate, you protect the people that you love the most. You should understand your options, make informed decisions, and be prepared to revise your plan if and when it becomes necessary.

Elder Law & Medicaid Services

Most seniors will need long-term care eventually, and Medicare will not pay for it. Medicaid is the solution for many, but it is a need-based program. It takes careful planning to keep assets in the family as you aim toward Medicaid eligibility. 

Asset Protection & Business Planning

If you are a business owner, you should implement an exit strategy. Asset protection may also be a priority.

Trust Administration & Probate

Executing documents is one thing, but there will be estate administration tasks that must be completed after you pass away. You should take this into account when you are planning your estate.

Family-Owned Businesses

If you own a family business, you may have heirs who are not involved in the business.  This can present estate planning challenges, but viable solutions exist.

Incapacity Planning

A well constructed estate plan will include an incapacity component. You can empower representatives of your own choosing to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated at some point in time.

IRA & Retirement Planning

Retirement does not fall into your lap. You must plan ahead effectively if you want to be able to enjoy your senior years to the fullest.

Legacy Planning

Your legacy is something that transcends mere dollars and cents. When you craft your legacy, you shape the way that people will remember you after you are gone.

LGBT Estate Planning

Members of the LGBT community have a unique set of estate planning concerns. We understand all relevant laws, and we would be glad to answer your questions and help you put a plan in place.

Special Needs Planning

People with disabilities often rely on need-based government benefits. A significant improvement in financial status can  result in a loss of eligibility.

If you have someone with special needs on your inheritance list, you must implement advanced techniques to preserve eligibility for government benefits.

Pet Planning 

Many elders would benefit from pet ownership, but they take pause because of longevity concerns. This should not be an impediment, because you can effectively provide for your pet in your estate plan.


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